chance maker football game

It's a whole new football action puzzle game!

All you have to do is to pass the ball in front of goal, and get your buddy striker Tony score a goal!
The controls are simple: just to flick, but you can even throw the ball with curve and backspin.

Read the movement of Tony and the defense to make a perfect assist. Turn your challenges into opportunities. Bring your team to win with your great passing skills!

Experience this new game that no one has never seen before now!


Finger Focus allows you to create blur effects on your photos just by tracing your finger through the photo.

Main features

  • Adjust the size of the blur spot (BLUR)
  • Adjust the border on the blur effect (BORDER)
  • Adjust brightness, contrast and saturation
  • Pinch gesture to seamlessly zoom in and out
  • Double tap on the image to zoom to 100%
  • Change brush size
  • Undo
  • Send the picture by email or post it to Twitter (twitpic)
  • The photos taken with the camera will be saved in the camera roll


InstantCamera allows you to create instant camera-like images on your iPhone. Take a picture and add hand written notes and drawings on it!

Main features

  • Painting functions (Enlarge an image to work on it)
  • Save original image
  • Various photo filters like an instant camera
  • Quick shooting mode at application startup
  • Take a picture or load an image from your Library
  • Send by email
  • Save sizes (SS, S, M, L)
analog clock


myFilm allows you to take artistic pictures just like the toy camera or miniature style photos with simple settings.

Main features:

- Adjust brightness and contrast
- Blur and specify its range
- Soft focus
- Vignetting setting
- 18 color filters
- Redo developing
- Auto-save on/off
- Open the shooting mode after launching the app
- Take a picture with the Camera or load an image from the Library
- Send an email
- Post on Twitter (twitpic)

analog clock

big show

BIG SHOW allows you to enlarge an image to become the maximum screen size.
For instance, you can zoom up an eye on a portrait image to check the details. Or, in a landscape photo, you can even read the texts on a distant sign as if you see it through binoculars.

Why don't you zoom up your favorite pictures and enjoy watching the details on the beautiful iPhone or iPad display?
You may discover something you didn't notice before.

fast memo

Fast Memo

Fast Memo is a very handy editor, like a pen and sheet of paper, always by your side.

Just tap the Fast Memo icon, and you will be able to take a memo.

If you run out of toothpaste tonight and need to buy some tomorrow, take a memo. A single word, toothpaste, should be enough to remind you. You don't need to enter dates or organize your memos. Unnecessary features and functions are a nuisance when you just want to take memos. All you have to do is simply keep entering keywords and scroll down. Fast Memo is software for this simple task.

If you need to correct or organize your memos, you can tap the screen twice to email your memos to a registered email address. Then you can correct or organize your memos on your computer.

If you have any inquiries or requests, please email us. We also welcome reviews of Fast Memo.


- Automatic saving
- Mail Sending
- Registration of destination Email
- landscape

URL scheme

› Open

› Pass the TEXT

› Mail


› Post to twetter

› Post to twetter BODY+TEXT

Gong Timer

Gong Timer

It is a timer that can set the interval and the repetition.

- Max 99Rounds
- sound on/off
- Interval on/off
- Selection of five kinds of sounds
- Save setting

analog clock

Analog Clock

Analog Clock is a simple clock.

- Single tap : Setting
- Double tap : Centering
- Drag : movement

Function introduction
- Selection of background
- It is possible to choose from Photo Library.
- Alarm
- Date ON/OFF
- Expansion reduction of clock.
- landscape
- Preservation of setting