Chance Maker - Football Game for iPhone-


It's a whole new football game!

All you have to do is to pass the ball in front of goal, and get your buddy striker Tony score a goal!

Read the movement of Tony and the defense to make a perfect assist. Turn your challenges into opportunities.
Bring your team to win with your great passing skills!

Just to flick!

The controls are simple: just to flick, but you can even throw the ball with curve and backspin.

Control the direction and the strength
of the pass at the flicking location.
The farther you are,
the stronger pass you can throw.
Specify the type of the ball
with the flicking direction.

Be careful to OFFSIDE!

When you succeed to throw a pass behind
the back line of defense, it gives you a great chance.

You'll be called for being offside when you throw a pass
after your player goes across the last line.

Get the new player!

Collect the coins that you receive when you win the game and purchase upgraded items or new players.

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